The Aran Blocks building system is a super versatile construction set like no other. With blocks that connect to each other on all sides, the only limit is your imagination!

When you build with Aran Blocks, you build strong. Really strong! You can even create things that can bear we ight, like a small table or shelf. More than a toy, it’s a modular building block system that gives form to imagination.

But be warned. It's easy to build with Aran Blocks, but not simple. It's for kids (and adults) who thrive on a challenge. Requiring creativity and planning skills, Aran Blocks engages both the right and left brain, making it a great STEM skills learning tool.

How It Works

The Aran Blocks building system consists of only 2 unique shapes. The block and the cover. The blocks form the backbone of the system, and fits onto all six sides of another block. The cover piece gives the top of the block a flat surface and also serves as reinforcement for structures made from the blocks.

The size and shape of the structures can be easily modified by either adding or removing blocks, making them infinitely customisable. The blocks also have a hollow core to run small cables through or create a personalised pencil holder.


What makes them challenging (and a great STEM toy)?

Unlike conventional building blocks, that typically build only vertically (i.e. stacking), Aran Blocks build on all directions, challenging the builder to think 3 dimensionally.

The combination of the top and bottom lateral connectors make the Aran Blocks building system very versatile. They also make the system puzzle-like. The blocks only fit with each other when connected in a certain order. This requires the builder to not only imagine what they want to build but also plan how they would need to build it.

Aran Blocks are also great for making usable weight bearing structures. It is a great way for children to explore basic engineering principles, whilst creating objects they can actually use.

Unique Features

Only 2 Shapes

The Aran Blocks system only has two unique shapes. The Block and the Cover.

Easy but not Simple

While it is easy to assemble the blocks with one another, building with them requires creativity and planning skills.

Build Strong

Structures made from Aran Blocks are strong. Really strong. The unique nestling system of the blocks allow horizontal surfaces you make to bear weight.

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